2010 Moscow State University

2015 British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia

2018 Shults Center of Arts, Moscow, Russia

2017 - Group exhibition of Art Brut Moscow Gallery artists, L'Appartement, Moscow

2017 - Art Fair "The Age of Aquarius", Tsvetnoi Central Market, Moscow

2016 - "Pure sensations", group exhibition of abstract painting, Artplay, Moscow

2018 - Collaboration with Contemporary jewelry design brand RUSHEV 

2017 - Collaboration with Modern handmade rugs company JEROME BOTANIC

2016 - Honorable mention, Design & Decoration Center, Moscow

I work in sculpture and painting and appreciate laconic forms, striving for maximum expressiveness through minimum of artistic means. I believe that "silence" and simplicity of artworks can in some cases transmit very capacious multi-faceted meaning.

I explore the themes of nonstandard beauty, characteristic personality, scenarios of women's life, motherhood and aging. I often turn to archetypal motives, powerful, not direct and recognizable. It seems to me important to create images that would be read intuitively and superimposed on individual perception of a viewer, creating additional associations and meanings. I try to avoid glossiness and standardization in the perception of what beauty is, and through my work I show expressiveness that lies in individuality, character and peculiarity.